Segun's Encounter With Assassins

Only God Can Deliver

That Segun is alive today is worthy of heartfelt thanksgiving to the Lord because he had a very close shave with death, in the morning of Sunday, 25th June, 2000. Unaware that hired assassins who came for one of his neighbours were already in the compound on that fateful day, Segun stepped out of his then rented flat apartment in Lagos, Nigeria to go to church for Sunday service, only to find himself face-to-face with 3 assassins who pointed guns at him.

It took the supernatural intervention of God to give him victory over untimely death on that day, despite several gun shots fired at him and till today some of the pellets are still locked within his body, with other marks of gun-shot wounds on his left hand and thighs. Unfortunately, the assassins succeeded in taking the life of Segun’s flat neighbour on that day. The details of this incident are contained in his Book titled; “Live Long, Live Healthy”.

Of a truth, the Lord alone has been a fortress over Segun’s life.

Segun overcomes Assasination_June, 20100002